Binary Horizons

From ‘Threshold A Fluid Reality’

71 percent of the surface of our planet is ocean. Our continents, defined by a complimentary and ever fluid relationship with the sea. From that sea, to tidal estuaries and creeks arrive from time to time nomadic sea-nomads. They are a tiny subculture of people who have chosen to live in tune with tides close to the rhythm of the seasons. These are not financially rich people on super yachts, their craft in which they arrive, are their homes which most of them have the skills to maintain.  To survive they trade and contribute those skills with the communities they encounter. Though they may not be rich, they are free! They can put a plank to bridge them to the shore of their choosing, or just as easily pull it aboard and voyage on. From their sea/shore line perspective, it is relatively easy to see a world created from natural relationships that are logically necessary, yet metaphorically, and literally beyond belief.

Never not disconnected, the nomad doesn’t need to ‘believe’ that the tide will rise, or that his body will sway with the shifting waves. The nomad doesn’t have to ‘believe’ that the fluid-binary expression that is a sea/shore line will be there like the standing wave where river meets sea tomorrow. That fluid binary sea/shore line, like ‘Me’, is never in a place that we can logically define as ‘There’, for ‘There’ is a believable land-locked, socially defined concept and agreed expectation.

The grammar of  language-locked language, would suggest that Yin and Yang complement each other. In the grammar of the sea where all are fluidly and energetically connected , ‘Other’ like a separate ‘I’, becomes another illogical fiction in a world where our thoughts arise, wave-like to express as thought/words of a sea of discourse.

As a ‘Binary-horizon’ will existentially exist, like ‘Me’, as a natural fluid-binary ‘expression’ that is logically and irrefutably, like a mathematical expression, beyond ‘belief’. That fluid-binary ‘expression’ is ‘Me’ and has choice to believe in Belief, or reject the whole notion of it.

In the way that the expression of tonal and rhythmic intervals painted with sound has the potential to be a tune, a dialectic ‘Fluid-Binary expression’ also has the potential to being the key to understanding the dynamic nature of the relationship Mind/Universe.

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