THRESHOLD-A Fluid Reality

A philosophic voyage to find the shorelines of the Mind. While drawing ideas both from Physics and ancient Taoism, it explores a new way to understand Identity, Mind, Thought, and Self with the author Peter Jezard

The Threshold

If, for the moment, we ignore Humanly directed willpower, there are two main classes of natural causality that we can directly experience and measure. One is the everyday mechanical sort of causality where one thing, or event, affects another in the same space in time. The other class of causalities occur when two or more energies meet, as when a river flows to the sea to create an existential ripple at its meeting. Like that ripple, where improvising musicians meet, the expression of their energy as they manipulate tonal and rhythmic intervals, give rise to a harmonic ‘sound’ that even as it heard, will move on and be gone. Sounds are created by an energetic sub-set of energy related causes, such as harmonic resonance, dissonance and induction. Nevertheless, sound ripples to be ‘Music’ when it is in a process of painting tonal and rhythmic intervals. Music then, like that ripple where river meets sea, can be regarded as a ‘Fluid-Dialect’ expression of the dynamic relationship of intervals.

After Einstein, modern science tells us that we live in a sea of energy, a fluidly dynamic world of ratios of intervals expressible through mathematics that are energetically becomes what our language in time calls ‘Form’. We popularly say and believe that we “Come into the world”? Yet, the question is begged, “Do we not also logically and energetically arise from relationships, and that we are never not disconnected connected from the world, to express the relationships that are world?”
What we say and ‘believe’, may be reasonably provable in a cave of belief.  However from within such a world of Belief, a belief, can only be believed via a proof of belief. Thus to start a statement about relationships in the world with the words “I believe!”, disconnects the believer from a natural world of logical relationships from whence the believer logically arises. Such a strategy may be reasonable in a ‘Cave’ of beliefs, but it is one irrationally removed a step away from the logical relationships that are the natural ‘Logos’, or formative ‘Grammar’ of the universe.

 We use ‘Belief’ as sort of threshold to the natural world, and mathematics to display its logical relationships. Until we can find a ‘Way of Thinking’ that logically reconnects our thought, thus our Self to the world, we are stuck with egocentric ‘Belief’ as the arbiter of what we call knowledge.

‘Threshold-A Fluid Reality’ points the way to that different ‘Way’ of thinking. After a gentle introduction to how we used to think, it explores the problem of understanding Self, Mind, and what our time-bound grammar defines as ‘Reality’, to arrive at both a logical and believable solution that paradoxically, arises from beyond Belief, to point a way to account for ‘Mind’ and the directing Self.

‘Threshold-A Fluid Reality’ by Peter Jezard is available in Amazon

Thanks      Peter.

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